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Claire Besant is an intern with Bouquet Catcher weddings. She is originally from the northern suburbs of Chicago, and attends Colgate University. She spends as much of her time as possible in the sun, swears Hogwarts is real, and can be found watching The Bachelorette on Monday nights.
Kathy Kurda & Henry Petrash are shown with their bridal party, pretending to run away from a T-Rex in the background.

Northwestern couple ‘run’ from T-Rex outside of Evanston wedding ceremony

Photos courtesy of DeepEnd Imagery

Kathy Kurda of Norridge met Henry Petrash of Sherman, Texas, during their undergraduate years at Northwestern University in Evanston. The two were in the same student group, and connected on a spring retreat.

Wedding planning proved quite complicated for Kathy Kurda, who was living in Germany prior to her wedding.

Kathy had a week at home leading up to her wedding, and knew she wasn’t going to be back in the States in the near future. Kathy went dress shopping with her friends and her mother during her stay at home, and tried on several dresses.

She loved the dress she chose from David’s Bridal because of its beautiful beading, and her mother enjoyed the traditional fit. “It was a marriage of many different styles,” Kathy said.

Kathy and Henry were married at Alice Millar Chapel on Northwestern’s campus. It was very special for Kathy to be wed there because of Kathy and Henry’s history at Northwestern.

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Blue heels in front of Chicago skyline

Shoes: Add a pop of color to your wedding dress

Traditionally, wedding dresses are white. But how can you add a splash of vibrance to your wedding look? Here are five shoe choices that add a pop of color to tradition:

1. Think pink:

Pink heels with leopard interior

REM Video & Photography

These pink heels are from Jessica Simpson’s collection.

2. Try orange:

Open-toed orange wedges

Timothy Whaley Photography

3. Feeling blue?

Two high-heeled, blue satin shoes

Christy Tyler Photography

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George Street Photography

5 wedding cakes that prove simplicity is scrumptious

On a day with a million and one things going on, simplicity is a blessing. Here are five times simplicity was also scrumptious!

This tiny white cake features two elephants, representing the circus in which the newlyweds met.

George Street Photo & Video

Elephants may be huge, but this cake certainly isn’t! The tiny size of this wedding cake is as unique as the rest of the traditions featured at Colleen and Alex’s wedding. For example, the bride’s father released his homing pigeons in celebration. These birds have returned to him after being released at each of his children’s weddings.

Two rows of swirling circles adorn this elegant white cake

Jennifer Shaffer Photography

Adorned with simple swirls, this cake is as romantic and unconventional as Barbara and Matt. This duo chose to have their wedding ceremony at Gorilla Tango’s Skokie Theatre-  they were the first to do so.

Topped with a bow, this gorgeous cake also features textured (and tasty) polka dots.

George Street Photo & Video

This cake, topped so beautifully with a bow, is perfectly fitting for this wedding. The cake is as sweet and simple as Anne and Jeff’s beginning: the two said “I love you” within the first week of dating.

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A bride holds her Yorkshire terrier.

5 pets prepare their brides for the big day

The morning of your wedding day is an exciting — and stressful — time. Here are five pets who took the time to calm their brides and to wish them well on the big day:

1. Bride Alana Grelyak receives a good-luck kiss:

A bride and her dog touch noses

Sprung Photo

2. Bride Jessica Basik pauses for a photo-op with her bulldog, Lola:

A bride holds her English bulldog.

Miller + Miller Photography

3. Bride Dani Bodenheimer is all smiles on her wedding day, laughing alongside her dog Pax:

A bride laughs with her dog.

Peter Gubernat Photography

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Avni Patel’s elaborate Salt Lake City wedding

Avni Patel was married to Abhishek Dhingra after three days of events at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. No expense was spared for Avni and Abhishek’s spiritual wedding. According to Deseret News:

“SALT LAKE CITY — Wedding guests stood at attention as bride Avni Patel made her way down the wedding aisle.

She was accompanied by an uncle and brothers, who held an embroidered red cloth over her head, shading her as she passed. Behind her, a replica of the Hindu god Ganesh made out of green, yellow and white button mum flowers sat atop a fountain in the garden of the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.”

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