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#WeddingDressWednesday Mignonette Bridal: 10 things you need to know before you go wedding dress shopping

A headshot of Mignonette Bridal owner Kpoene Kofi-NicklinKpoene’ Kofi-Nicklin is the owner of Mignonette Bridal, an independent bridal boutique specializing in unique, vintage-inspired gowns. Mignonette offers an intimate and relaxed experience and is proud to offer excellent service, amazing product, and calm surroundings. Stay tuned to Bouquet Catcher’s #WDW #WeddingDressWednesday for Kpoene’s insight on wedding gowns and accessories. This month, Kpoene talks about some of the things brides should know before they go shopping. 

As someone who purchased two gowns, and tried on countless others, before finally designing my own wedding dress, I can attest to the fact that it is easy to get caught up in the moment when shopping for a gown. Armed with the following advice, you should be able to walk into any salon prepped and ready to find your dream gown. 

1) Limit your entourage. When you walk into a bridal salon, everyone is there for the same purpose:  to make you look and feel fantastic as you walk down the aisle. Treat the sales staff as your team. Try to limit the number of people in your entourage – there’s a reason why “too many cooks spoil the broth” is an enduring phrase.  It is easy to get pressured into buying a gown because friends and family like it, so make sure that you genuinely value the opinions of those you ask along to your shopping trips.

2) Proper undergarments are paramount. Continue reading

Nicole Tascher & Eddie Utley

Nicole & Eddie’s black and white Chevy Chase Country Club wedding

Photos courtesy of NeriPhoto

Nicole Tascher and Eddie Utley were married April 19 at Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling. The wedding had a black and white color scheme, with groomsmen wearing black Converse sneakers.

NICU Helping Hands's

Wedding gown donations provide solace to grieving parents

Wedding gowns have a special place in every bride’s heart, but what happens when the wedding is over and that prized wedding gown is just collecting dust in the closet? A Texas nonprofit is accepting wedding gown donations that they then repurpose into “angel gowns.” The angel gowns are used as white burial clothing for stillborn infants. According to ABC:

“After the last piece of cake has been eaten and the last remnants of a tan have faded away from the honeymoon, one wedding element is often left hanging in limbo or, at least, in the back of a closet–the bride’s dress.

For those who don’t plan to preserve their garment, options for “What to do with it?” can range from resale to recycling. But a Texas nonprofit now offers a dress donation alternative with a higher purpose: “angel gowns,” beautiful white burial clothing for stillborn children.”

[Read the full article at ABC]

Featured image courtesy of NICU Helping Hands

Shannon Kelly's wedding dress

These brides have said ‘yes to the dress’

Have you said yes to the dress? These brides-to-be have and we’re excited to showcase their big moment! Contact us at submissions@bouquetcatcher.com if you have any wedding dress shopping questions!

“It’s official! She said yes to the dress! So happy I was able to join my best friend on such a special day! Can’t wait until the BIG day!” 

(@The Crystal Bride, Geneva) 

“So happy that I said YES to the dress this past weekend  I don’t know how I will last over a year to actually wear it, I’m so in love! #wedding #thedress” Continue reading

A wedding dress cake by Who Made The Cake in Houston

Houston bakery owner creates impressive wedding dress cake

We’ve seen some pretty impressive wedding cakes, but this one is certainly high on the list.  Nadine Moon, owner of Houston’s Who Made the Cake, has combined a cake and wedding dress to create a life-sized wedding dress cake, and it’s phenomenal. According to Yahoo:

“Nadine Moon creates custom cakes for all kinds of occasions: birthdays, baby showers and weddings. And now she has created a wedding dress cake.

That’s right. It’s a cake in the shape of a wedding dress, and it’s life-sized, to boot.”

[Read the full article at Yahoo]

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