Nineth and William Hernandez

Q & A: Nineth & William’s Century Memorial Chapel, Abbington Banquets wedding

Photos courtesy of Eivan’s Photography & Video

Nineth Tiana Lopez and William Walter Hernandez were married at Century Memorial Chapel in Naperville with a reception at Abbington Banquets in Glen Ellyn. Nineth is originally from Chicago and William is from Aurora. The couple honeymooned in St. Lucia after their April 4 wedding and live in Warrenville.

We asked the couple to answer some newlywed questions, and answers are below:

Q: How did you meet?

William: We met in 2009 at her parents’ home in Hoffman Estates. I was there doing a plumbing job and my work van was blocking her in the driveway. She asked me to move it with some attitude and I told her “I guess I can.” She went off to work.  I saw a picture of her in their living room and that’s when I told my apprentice that she is beautiful and I was going to marry her.

She came back for lunch and I overheard her tell her mom she would be back at 5 p.m. That was about the time my apprentice and I would be done with our work. The time came and went, we were done with our work, and as I was giving the bill to her mother I asked if her daughter was single. Her mother said that she was and I left my phone number with her — little did I know I also forgot my coat.

A week went by and I didn’t hear anything and realized my coat was over there. I called her mom and asked if I could swing by to pick up my coat. I did and another week passed by and I had my coat on and reached in my pocket and found my wife’s number in it. I called her mother to see if she knew anything about it and she told me she was the one that did it. I called and we talked for a month before we met — the rest is history.

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Rapper Snoop Dogg crashed a Hindu wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago

Snoop Dogg crashes Hard Rock Hotel, Chicago wedding

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It just so happened that Snoop Dogg was at the hotel.

The couple’s wedding photographers from Allusion Photography snapped photos of the newlyweds with the famed rapper. Snoop even posted photos on Twitter and Instagram!

Rapper Snoop Dogg crashed a Hindu wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago

“Jus got Married.”

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