Neil Patrick Harris in newlywed video montage

Relative creates awesome wedding reception montage using celebrity clips from ‘Access Hollywood’

Are you close enough friends with celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and Jonah Hill to have them appear in your wedding video montage? No? Neither are we. Landon and Meghan Kemp from Alabama, though, had a very talented relative who created an awesome video montage starring numerous celebs.

With excerpts from celebs talking about things like movies and other celebrity friends, the video uses these clips intermixed with real photos of the couple to make it seem like the celebrities are actually talking about the newlyweds. What results is one of the best video montages we’ve seen for a modern couple.

h/t Reddit

Featured image courtesy of C. Bailey

Police car outside wedding reception venue that was shut down after 300 person brawl

Night ends in handcuffs, police arrests after 300-guest wedding reception goes awry

It’s your wedding and you can fight if you want to. Well, maybe that was the thinking behind the  massive fight involving 300 guests that broke out during a New Jersey wedding. What should have been a day filled with holy matrimony instead ended up in handcuffs, police arrests and an interrupted wedding reception.

According to NBC Chicago:

“Two people were arrested when a brawl involving dozens of guests broke out at a wedding reception in central New Jersey.  Continue reading


Naperville groom-to-be Chad Vargo on picking out her perfect engagement ring

Lucy Krol and Chad Vargo are shown together in front of Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. Chad is proposing.Engaged couple Lucy Krol, a Hoffman Estates native, and Chad Vargo, from Pennslyvania, got engaged at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago in the fall of 2013. They will marry May 23, 2015, with a ceremony at St. Hubert’s church in Schaumburg with a reception at Chandler’s Chop House in Schaumburg. The new Naperville residents will share their wedding planning experiences with Bouquet Catcher readers.

From Chad:

My fiancee and I are blogging about our wedding planning experience so I thought I would share my side of the story. So guys, keep reading if you want some ideas and maybe even advice as you may go on the same journey one day.  I welcome any comments or questions you may have.

The ring. Let me start by saying this: Before you even think about “popping the question,” be sure to take time to understand your bride-to-be’s style. You may think you know her style because you have been with her for some time now, but trust me, you want to make sure the ring is something she likes. Remember, she will wear it for the rest of her life. And also, all of her entire family, friends, co-workers, and probably all of Facebook will be looking at it! Continue reading


Law school grad invites Ruth Bader Ginsburg to wedding and receives awesome response

Your wedding day is a special event that should include those you care about most and those whom have influenced your life the most, right? Well, that’s what Staci Zaretsky thought when she sent a wedding invitation to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second ever female Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. So the “Notorious R.B.G” was like NBD (no big deal) and responded to the invitation with a very polite RSVP letter.

According to

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Andi Dorfman of "The Bachelorette" is engaged!

‘The Bachelorette’ star Andi Dorfman is engaged! Here’s the play-by-play with reactions from the Internet

“The Bachelorette” — one of ABC’s most heart-wrenchingly hilarious TV shows. As viewers, we fell in and out of love almost as much as Andi Dorfman did this season, and we would do it all over again for the strong, independent lawyer from Atlanta.

Last night’s finale (SPOILER: Do not read on if you haven’t watched yet!) had the perfect combination of dramatic background music conversations, cliffhangers and a fairytale ending that left us on the edge of the couch for the entire three (yes, three) hours. Here’s a play-by-play roundup of how the Internet reacted to Andi’s decision to marry the brother of NFL star Aaron Murray…Uh, we meant Andi’s decision to happily give the final rose to Josh Murray:

Only two men remained (Josh Murray from Atlanta and Nick Viall from Chicago) and the world was left wondering who Andi would choose.

Andi’s friends and former contestants on “The Bachelor” were obviously there for moral support.
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